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      Hubert Heldner
           Curriculum vitae
           Have a look into my workshop
           Selected amongst the 100 best adresses
           for creative classes in europe
      Guest Artists
      Testimonial by Simon Zaletel
      History of gemstone carving
      Colorchange in Hackmanite a variety of Sodalite
      Incredible gemstone stories
      The heattreatment of a beryl to change its color
      Stabilisation of gemstones
      AGTA Gemstone enhancment chart
      Trade names of gemstones (in german or french)
      Perfect faceting angles versus excess weight
      Comparison between perfect and wrong facet angles
      for a barion and a ceylon cut
      for two otherwise identical brillant cuts
Minereports - Reiseberichte
      Sapphire from Tanzania
      The next gem stone safari in Tanzania is in preparation.
      Gemstone cutting in Tanzania with a visit to the Umba river mines.
      Ruby-Zoisite jewelry class in collaboration with massai ladies.
      Gemstone Safari Tanzania July 2008.
      Gemstone Safari Tanzania September 2007.
      Saphire testdig in Umba Valley Tanzania 2007.
      Idar-Oberstein the city of gemstone carvers 2006
      Dustdevil Mine Oregon Sunstone 2005
      Juniper ridge Mine Oregon Opal 2005
      Mining techniques A visit to the silver mines 2004
      Dustdevil Mine Oregon Sunstone 2003
      Juniper ridge Mine Oregon Opal 2003
      Gemshow in Tucson 2003
      Soapstone & alabaster
      Gemstone carvings
      Perfume bottles
      Sirens & Sylphides
      Jewelry designs
      Jewelry designs2
      Jewelry designs3
      Flower rings in silver
      Faceted stones 1
      Faceted stones 2
      Faceted stones 3
      Jazz pins in silver
      Minerals 1
      Minerals 2
      Minerals 3
      Visa & valid travel documents
      Free Form
      Free Form class in Braunwald
      Jewelry design
      Wax modelling
      Jewelry workshop
      Stone setting
      The complete programm of classes
      5 day class Faceting class
      5 day class Concave faceting
      5 day class Gemmology
      6 day class Jade cutting and carving
      Jewelry & lapidary projects
           The granulation an egyptian and etruscan soldering technique
           How to measure a ring size accurately
           Butterfly pendent
           Entourage ring
           Flower broach
           Scapolite neclace
           Carving of oregon sunstone
           Carving of a chrysopras flower
      Lapidary workshop in Tanzania
           Gem stone safari
City map of Montreux
      Logement in Montreux
      SVSMF mineral shows in Switzerland
      Tucson Bed & Breakfast
      Rooms in Tucson
      Reservation form Tucson
      Lapidary equipment
           Gemstone optical properties
           The fine Art of Gemstone Carving
           FreeForm Carving tool set
           Ultra tec
           and more
      Gemmological instruments & manuals
           The chelsea, emerald, jadeite filter
           The loupe
           The refractometer
           The dicroscope
           The polariscope
           The conoscope
           The poket lamp for rough stone grading
           The spectroscope
           The spectral lines
           The diamond & moissanit tester
           The hydrostatic equipment
           The precision scale calibration
           The digital refractometer
           The digital refractometer test report
           Travel case medium
           Travellab small
           and more
      Jewelers tools
           Photograpy of jewels and gemstones
           Jewelers drawbench
           Micro sandblaster
           Foredom power tools and accessories
           Ney Degussa burnout ovens
           Ney Degussa ultrasonik cleaners
           Centrifugal magnetic finisher
           and more
           Second hand stools and stuff
           Orders & inquiries

Old or hidden pages
Metallic Meteorites
Colorit new tool distributor
Gemstone drill adapter
Jemeter digital 90
The gemmeter
Chain knitting
Enamel workshop
Katerina Kestemont
           She competes with the best
           Honorable mention of Katerina Kestemont

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