Juniper Ridge opal mine in Oregon
second visit by Katerina Kestemont & Hubert Heldner in July 2005




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For the first time an artist's dig will be organised the 1st july 2006.

The opal mine is situated in Lake County about 60 miles from Lakeview and Exploited by Ken Newnham. From mid june trough mid october, you may take an appointment and work for a day in the mine. Access is limited according to weather conditions and fire danger.

Visitors will be met by appointment at the Quartz mountain summit. This is 30 miles from Lakeview and 60 miles from Klammath Falls in south Oregon. At the mine there are no camping facilities, but a campground is near by. For more information about the mine go to :

D 01 The juniper ridge mine lies within the boundaries of a natural reserve,

D 02 where you may see Buffalos grazing.

D 03 No permanent facilities and

D 04 no havy equipment is allowed.

D 05

D 06 Katerina

D 07 Robert

D 08 Candy Slonaker, Jeffy Pettit, Dalan Jay Hargrave, ---, Ken Newnham, Katerina Kestemont, Robert Sahli and Doug George.

Hubert Heldner April 2006