Sunstone carving poject
step by step

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Oregon Sunstone carved by Katerina Kestemont General recommendations for carving.
Time 8 to 10 hours depending on your skills and tools.
Sunstone belongs to the mineral group of feldspar.

This design is not in the public domain.

Sunstone and design of the educational
project by Katerina Kestemont.

01  Rough sunstone. 02  Depending on the inclusions and fractures the final shape is given with diamond tools. Remember alwyas work wet.
03Front. 04Back.
05Sanding is the next step. 06A wasp and corundum paper are used. At least 4 steps are required with the following grits: 240, 400, 600, and 1200.
07Polishing is done with cerium oxide on a felt pad. 08If scratches appear, it is due to poor sanding, rather than the quality of the polishing compound.
09In this case go back to fine sanding and make sure all scratches disappear. 10

The secret of stone carving is patience. Nobody will ask you how much time you spent on sanding. A poor polish on the other hand will diminish greatly the beauty and value of your piece.