Flower broach advanced poject
step by step

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Repoussť technique, precise assembling.
Time 15 to 20 hours depending your skills, work speed and organization.
Weight in gold 20 grams.
Gold plate 0.8 mm
Wire 1.0 mm
3 diamonds 1.9 mm

This design is not in the public domain.
Take this as an inspiration, do not copy 1:1
Photos, flower broach and design of the
educational project by Hubert Heldner.

01  The original design with a freshwater pearl. 02  Cut the shapes out of a 0.8 mm plate.
03Dome and shape the petals with wooden dapping pounches. 04
05The tools for working a repoussť. 06Heat the pitch to glue the petals. Work the details with the repoussť tools
07Turn from time to time, to work front and back. Heat and quench the petals to soften them at the same time. 08Work as long as the pitch is soft.
09 10Assemble the petals and drill the holes for the whitegold pronks and for the centerstone.
11Solder from the backside, add the Zop lock system and prepare the needle. 12Add the pre set diamonds. Always cover the diamonds with flux when you solder. Avoid thermal shock.
13Ready to set the centerstone and the pearl. 14Never heat colored or expensif diamonds.
15Final front view. 16Backside.