Jewelery workshop




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Learn during 3 days from 9 am to 5 pm the basic goldsmithing techniques. Hubert Heldner will teach you forging, rolling, sawing, filing, bending, soldering, textures, polishing and the conception and organization of a project from A to Z. You are going to create a piece of jewelery in sterling silver or on request in gold. A professionally equipped workshop is at your disposal with 1 full time teacher. The price of CHF 730.- includes the silver and a complete documentation. The space is limited to a maximum of 4 students.

The participants will know the correct handling of tools and be familiar with the security measures.

Schedule for 2021   in Montreux, Switzerland.

If you have aquired the basic jewelry skills,
visit our jewelry projects for some inspirations.

Silver ring with chrysopras from Tanzania 
design and realization by Hervé Bouchou

Refinement of  - l'art brut - creation by Patricia Sortino

Creation by Beryl Azaletta Creation by Sylvia E.
Creation by Claire Ramaz Creation by
Creation by Svetlana R. Creation by Marie Ducret Creation by Abel Goineau
Creation by Marianne Gonin Creation by Michel Gratier Creation by Sylvain Massy
Creation by Lisa Elser Creation by Damien François Creation by Tom Schlegel
Ring in Silver with garnet
Creation by Fritz Lüscher
Georges Rovelas at work Silver pendent by Marlene Epars