Advanced entourage project
step by step

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Training of soldering skills, and precision.
Time 8 to 16 hours depending your skills, work speed and organization.
Weight in gold 6 grams.
Ring head base plate 1.0 mm
and round wire 0.8 mm
Ring body square wire 2.5 x 2.5 mm
12 diamonds 2 mm

This design is in the public domain.
Photos, entourage ring and design of the
educational project by Hubert Heldner.

01  Draw on base plate according to stone size. 02  Punch, and then drill the holes (0.8mm) for the stones.
03View from the back. 04Punch, and then drill the holes (0.8mm) for the prongs.
05Cut out and file the outside. 06
07File the contour for the stones and the outside prongs. 08Clean front and back with sanding paper.
09Stick in the prongs for the center stone. 10Make sure the prongs are straight,
11and solder from the backside. 12File and clean the backside.
13Cut the prongs to the same length. 14Start soldering the outside prongs.
15Always four opposite prongs and bend them to a center point at the back. 16Solder at the center point.
17Add four prongs. 18Always make sure the prongs are soldered straight.
19Bend to center point and solder. 20
21Add more prongs, bend to center point and solder. 22
23Clean in pickling solution. 24Front view.
25Side view. 26Back, drill center hole.
27Final side view. 28Bend the square wire to a circle, solder and flatten at the side where you soldered.
29Check proportions and ring size. 30Cut out space for the ring head and make final adjustment for the ring size.
31Solder from the backside. 32Clean in pickling solution, polish and clean.
33Side view. 34Front view.
35Final presentation before setting. 36

38A slightly different entourage ring.

39A slightly different entourage ring.