Effects seen trough the chelsea, emerald or jadeite filter.




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Place the stone on a white paper. Use a incandecent light source. Place the filter close to your eye. The filter can be very useful when you are confronted with many stones, particularly if you have a lot of small stones to check. The results with the chelsea, emerald and jade filter are considererd to be non determinant. Use this tool in combination with other tests. As a rule, try to confirm each result with a second test measuring an other property.

Material under Test View through the chelsea, emerald or jadeite filter. Everything is dark olive green except some stones containing chrome or cobalt.   
Green stones
Green jadeite    Dull green    
Jadeite - certain green dyed specimens  May have a red or pink tint    
Green glass  Mostly dull green; a few have reddish tint   
Dyed green agate  Reddish to pink or green    
Demantoid and tsavorite garnet  Pink to bright red    
Emerald - natural or synthetic chrome colored  Bright red or pink to greenish    
Emerald - natural vanadium colored  Dull green    
Tourmaline chrome colored  Bright red    
Blue stones
Aquamarine  Greenish-blue    
Blue glass cobalt colored  Deep red to pink    
Blue sapphire - natural and synthetic  Mostly dark green    
Blue spinel - synthetic cobalt colored  Strong red, orange-pink or pink    
Blue topaz  Yellowish or near colorless    
Blue topaz  Pale flesh-colored, or apparently colorless   
Lapis imitation sinter spinel  Bright red    
Red to pink stones
Garnet - pyrope - almandine  Dark grayish to dark red    
Red glass  Dark red or inert    
Red spinel  Red    
Ruby - natural or synthetic  Red to very bright red    
Pink sapphire  Dark    

The chelsea, emerald or jade filter must be used with caution. New varieties of gemstones, whether natural or synthetic, may show characteristics varying from the results outlined in the table.

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