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Basic gemmological tools
Gemstone tweezer with lock CHF10.-
Loupe 10x corrected aplanatic + chromatic manual CHF34.-
Darkfield Loupe 10x corrected aplanatic + chromatic CHF55.-
Polariscope with light source manual CHF55.-
Refractometer manual CHF367.-
Refractometer liquid CHF65.-
Blue Chart - tables of gemstone identification Eddition 2019 details CHF58.-
Dicroscope manual CHF107.-
Spectroscope OPL manual CHF100.-
Chelsea - Jadeite Filter manual CHF61.-
Ruby Filter CHF61.-
Diamond tester manual CHF88.-
Diamond - Moissanite Combination tester manual CHF228.-
Gemstone carat-gr scale 2'500 x 0.1 ct / 500 x 0.01 gr CHF141.-
Diamond scale 100 x 0.01 ct CHF74.-
Hydrostatic equipment manual CHF40.-
Digital caliper 156mm x 0.01mm CHF64.-
World map of gem deposits CHF20.-
Digital refractometer test report CHF650.-

Travel cases for your Gemmological instruments
You may order travelcases equipped according to your needs. Select your tools in the list above.

Rough gemstone identification kit
CHF 582.-

CHF 1'488.-

Travelcase medium
CHF 1'488.-

Travellab small KA41
CHF 3'300.-

Travellab KA52
CHF 8'250.-

Gemmological instruments   ~   Gemmological instruments

Krüss Tweezers
CHF 32.-

Tweezers with lock
CHF 10.-

Tweezers Titanium
CHF 21.-

World map of gem deposits
CHF 20.-

Darkfield loupe 10x
triplet, aplanatic & chromatic corrected
CHF 55.-

Pocket Polariscope with light source
CHF 55.-

Pocket Polariscope with integrated LED light source
CHF 76.-

A brief review of gemstone optical properties
from a lapidary's perspective by Sandrine Kunz
CHF 15.-

Loupe 10x / 21mm triplet, aplanatic & achromatic corrected with LED ring lamp, recharge with USB cable on your laptop or AC/DC adapter / 100-240 Volt input
CHF 119.-

Loupe 50x
CHF 32.-

Loupe 10x 18mm
triplet, aplanatic & achromatic corrected
CHF 34.-

Loupe 10x+20x
triplet, aplanatic & achromatic corrected
CHF 71.-

Krüss Loupe 10x 21mm
triplet, aplanatic & achromatic corrected
CHF 50.-

Krüss Loupe 15x 18mm
triplet, aplanatic & achromatic corrected
CHF 32.-

Krüss Loupe 20x 18mm & 21mm, triplet, aplanatic & achromatic corrected
CHF 33.- / 50.-

Special loups
triplet, aplanatic & achromatic corrected

Krüss Refractometer with sodium filter
CHF 1'130.-

Refractometer with sodium filter for external illumination and integrated LED light source
CHF 590.-

Refractometer with integrated LED light source
CHF 367.-

Refractometer liquid RI 1.79
Volume 10ml
CHF 65.-

Option external sodium light source LED 220V for Krüss Refractometer
CHF 145.-

Digiatal refractometer
RI 1.200 - 3.000
CHF 650.-

Desktop Polariscope
CHF 243.-

Blue Chart - tables of gemstone identification.
Edition 2019 with 79 color absorption spectrums
CHF 58.-
High precision

Pocket Balance
20x0.002gr / 100x0.01ct
CHF 74.-
High precision

Mini digital scale
20x0.002gr / 100x0.01ct
CHF 70.-

Vernier Caliper
100mm x 0.1mm
CHF 45.-

Digital caliper
104mm x 0.01mm
CHF 64.-
Medium precision wide range

Pocket Balance
500x0.01gr / 2500x0.1ct
CHF 141.-
Medium precision

200A mini scale
Transportable gem scale
200x0.01gr / 1000x0.05ct
CHF 29.-

Hydrostatic accessory for
all scales
CHF 40.-

Pocket Balance
3000x0.1gr / 15000x0.5ct
CHF 59.-

Krüss gold scale GW50
CHF 26.-

Mechanical gem scale
250 x 0.01 ct
CHF 69.-

Diamond tester small
Does not recognize Moissanite
CHF 88.-

Presidium Multi Tester III
CHF 446.-

Diamond Moissanit tester
separates only diamonds from Moissanit
CHF 190.-

Diamond Moissanit Combo tester
CHF 228.-

CHF 107.-

Ruby filter
CHF 61.-

Jadeite - Chelsea filter
CHF 61.-

OPL Booklet
A students guide to spectrography
CHF 24.-

Original OPL
Teacher diffraction grating spectroscope
CHF 136.-

Original OPL
Poket diffraction grating spectroscope
CHF 100.-

Diffraction grating spectroscope
with adjustable focus
CHF 150.-

Krüss Spectroscope
with prism and adjustable slit and focus
CHF 252.-

with prism and adjustable focus
CHF 154.-

with prism
CHF 170.-

with prism, adjustable slit and focus
CHF 240.-

Krüss Spectroscope with prism, wavelength scale, adjustable slit and focus
CHF 456.-

Zeiss Microscope 8x - 32x with GIA stand, tilting base - tungsten halogen lamp bright field / darkfield - with sliding baffle and iris diaphragm - Stoneholder - Cold light fibre optic - full 360° rotation - 220Volt
CHF 3100.-

Stereo Zoom Microscope 10x - 40x with photo - video adapter, reflected light, transmitted light, darkfield and Stoneholder
CHF 1'103.-

Krüss Microscope
7x - 45x zoom

Reflected - Transmitted light - Stoneholder - Darkfield
CHF 975 .-

Krüss Microscope
7x - 45x zoom
with photo - video adapter
Reflected - Transmitted light - Stoneholder - Darkfield
CHF 1'140.-

Presentation tray with 25 or 9 stone boxes with glass cover
CHF 60.- or CHF 30.-

Daylight Ringlamp
for microscope
220-230 Volt
CHF 150.-

Daylight Ringlamp with
56 LED for microscope
CHF 227.-

Hearts & Arrows to control ideal diamond proportions
CHF 27.-

Krüss Microscope 10x + 30x
Reflected - Transmitted light - Stoneholder - Darkfield

Vertical setup
CHF 468.-

Krüss Microscope 10x + 30x
Reflected - Transmitted light - Stoneholder - Darkfield - Cold light
Vertical setup
CHF 950.-

Krüss Microscope 10x + 30x
Reflected - Transmitted light - Stoneholder - Darkfield - Cold light - Immersion cell Horizontal or Vertical setup
CHF 1'640.-
Learn the proper use of these tools, and take a class in gemmology

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