Faceting of precious stones




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Learn how to facet a precious stone. Hubert Heldner will teach you how to cut a round brilliant in aquamarine, tourmaline or garnet. Precision cutting on Ultra-Tec V5 Digital machines. Achieve maximum brilliance and beauty is the goal. The class is limited to a maximum of 3 students per day. Preexisting knowledge is not required. The price of CHF 400.- includes a complete documentation and all material. The class takes two days from 9am to 6pm
Class content :
You will have seen and participated in all the stages of the faceting process of a gemstone. Rough evaluation, identifying stone potential, pre-shaping, doping, diagram reading, handling of the Ultra-Tec machine, all stages of cutting and polishing, up to the finished stone. Plus the theory on optical laws, on stone polishing and chemistry, crystallization systems and their implication in optical laws and their physical behavior; cleavage, directional hardness etc ...

Schedule for 2022   in Montreux, Switzerland.

Course documents are available in : English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese.
The faceting class is also available in Tanzania at the lapidary training workshop of Noreen Masaki.
The faceting class is also available in Braunwald Switzerland from September 4th - 9th 2022 at the training workshop of Felix Stüssi.


rough stones
Use of the poket lamp to discover inclusions.

Comparison between perfect and wrong facet angles
- Barion cut and a Ceylon cut
- for two otherwise identical brillant cuts

Before and after recutting for best brilliance.
Stabilisation of gemstones
Lisa Elser "No one ever knew my Standard Round Brilliant wasn’t quite so standard."
Simon Zaletel "your inspiration remains with me"

Tourmalin cut during class