Curriculum vitae

            Hubert Heldner
            Born 1963
            Nationality Swiss
            Obligatory schools in Brig VS, Switzerland 9 years
            French stage in Lausanne, Switzerland 7 months
            Art school in Bern, Switzerland 1 year
            Aprenticeship as jeweler in Solothurn, Switzerland 4 years
            English stage in California, Los Angeles 4 months
    Complimentary formations, evening classes, and autodidactic education
            Stonesetting2 semesters
            Engraving 2 semesters
            Art history 1 semester
            Professional design
            Gemmological studies
            Cutting of gemstones
    Professional experience
            Jeweler at Leuenberger Hans in Solothurn. 14 months
            Jeweler at Meister Zürich. 17 months
            Accountant at Weingärtner & Jucker Zürich. 12 months
            Independent with my own workshop since 1989.
            The principal activity is the creation of custom made jewelry,
            Assignment, teaching adults, for Migros Baden Switzerland.
12 months
part time
            Founding member of the workshop ARTISTES DES BIJOUX in 1994.
            Initiator and realisator of the educational program in Montreux.
            10 different classes, in connection with jewelry making, are offered.
            Marketing and promotion of the artists sharing the workshop
            ARTISTES DES BIJOUX and for their guests.
            Assignments for different exhibits during the last 10 years.
            In Switzerland, at the Basel World Watch and Jewelry Fair and at different
            mineral shows, for Raytech Industries, Neytech Dental, Kruess Optronics.
            PEPE Tools. In the USA at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, for Raytech
            Industries, Kingsley North and Mawingu Gems.
            Sucessful installation of a lapidary training center in Tanzania, at the
            Southern and Eastern African Mineral Centre (SEAMIC) headquarters
            in Dar-es-Salaam, which included the training of 5 instructors during
            November 2005 and January 2006.
            Organization of Gemstone Safaris in Tanzania since September 2007
            until today.
            One month assignment to design a new jewelry collection for Kirmena
            Gold in Cairo Egypt, June 2008.
            Deutsch, Muttersprache.
            Français, écrit et parlé avec précision.
            English, written and spoken with precision.
    Spare time
            Lifeguard on the Lake of Geneva with pilot license for our intervention
            Identification and search for gemstones.
            Martial art AIKIDO.



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