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Jewelry is like gastronomy, there is Girardet and there is fast food. Explorers who create pieces of art; and displays with kilos of gold and gemstones without life. Hubert Heldner belongs without doubt to the first category. And he expects to see one day his creations exposed in all the Museums of the world. It may sound conceited but for somebody who knows him, it is like a rest of childhood, a confidence of his capacities paired with an exuberating and inspiring enthusiasm.

This young jeweler, who produces five ideas a minute, is on the way to success. Not covetous of his knowledge he teaches classes in jewellery design, wax modeling, casting techniques, gemmology, gemstone setting and the creation of jewelry. Faceting, Free Form cutting and engraving of precious stones, enamel the color out of fire, chain knitting and pearl stringing. You will find him and the team of FREE FORM ARTISTS in Montreux.

Olivier Chabloz

Pendant realised in collaboration with Katerina Kestemont

Hubert Heldner

The creation of jewellery is a mix of inspiration, technique, skills and hours of manual work.
The process of designing is just pure fun. A game of how far can I push the borders of imagination.
Creation is, by my definition, the discovery of the unknown, the never seen, the unthinkable.
Time reveals if an oeuvre withstands changing taste, and therefore is art, or just another fading idea.

Photo by Lukas Giger
Photo by Lukas Giger
Photo by Lukas Giger
Photo by Lukas Giger
Photo by Lukas Giger
Photo by Lukas Giger

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