Have a look into a jewellers workshop

This workshop is reflecting my business strategy, which is result orientated.
There are many more tools available, more or less fancy. But this is about
what I need to manufacture my jewellery ideas, besides imagination.

Jewellery manufacturing workshop   ~   Jewellery manufacturing workshop

Jewellers table with plenty of drawers and a skin for collection of the filings.

Jewellers table with 3 drawers and a case to collect the filings. This is a standard table.

Jewellers table with four places. This one is home made. A good table height is 100 cm.

Tree trunk with anvil and different hammers.

2 rolling mills for wire and sheet metal. A ring stretcher is placed behind.

Polishing motor with dustcollector and an ultrasonic cleaner just below. Keep this in a separat small easy to clean room.

Drawbench to pull wires and a carborundum grinder for shaping steel tools.

Metal shear for sheet and wire.

Repousse bowl, punches, hammer and a setter's sphere.

Spin caster and large pickling pot.

Metal melting corner with ventilation and a large melting torch for oxygen and propane.

Small pickling pot, rinsing glass and brass or plastic tweezers. Alcohol lamp, squeez bottle for water and alcohol jar.

Cross-lock tweezer on a third hand, soldering plate and soldering pick with a wolfram tip.

Minicro soldering torch.

Solder box. This is an apprentice project, and not available in the trade.

Set of 12 pliers, 3 side cutters and one solder scissor. More than I actually need.

Set of files and a sanding paper sticks.

Sawframe and needle files.

Crocodile pliers

Draw plates. Keep them out of the dust and your wires will come out polished.

Wood blocks and punches

Ring mandrel, ring stick and finger sizer.

Flexshaft motor with rotary handpiece and a setters hammer.

Drill bits and grinding tools.

Small grinding, pre-polishing and polishing brushes

Set of engravers with Arkansas sharpening stone.

Masters and precious metal stamp.

Sliding caliper, ruler, dixieme gauge, divider and steel square.
Hubert Heldner January 2007




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