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Second hand jewelers tools 220Volt

1 Manometer Pangas for Acetylen
CHF 65.-

Jewelers thread cutter set
CHF 65.-

Manometer Pangas for Sauerstoff
CHF 65.-

10 Diamond files
CHF 45.-

Enamel and casting oven EFCO 180D with door contact, analog thermometer and temperature control. Maximum temp. 1100°C, weight 15Kg, 240V/50Hz, 2000W, 10A / external dimensions 32 x 30 x 41cm ( exhibition model, new )
CHF 990.-

Mini ultra sonic benchtop cleaner 0.8 liter with timer, heat and cover
CHF 175.-

A set of blacksmith tools - enveloping iron, plumber's fist etc. 19 parts plus hammer (new)
CHF 300.-

Drawplate 2.0 - 0.05mm 31 holes
CHF 42.-

Wet and dry tumbler for jewelry complet with all acessories and handbook 220Volt
CHF 495.-

Easy-cut prong guide set AK847 CHF 131.-
(for Foredom Handpiece No10. Not included)

Display stand with security glass cube and lock. Height 120cm the base and 40x40x40cm the cube
CHF 490.-

Tweezer AA fine tip
CHF 5.-

CHF 65.-

Dismountable display case. 28 glass plates 40 cm x 40 cm with gilt corner pieces
CHF 225.-

Jack Lahr faceting set with index 96 and 64
CHF 490.-

Mini cabing machine with a Foredom motor 230 Volt, 2 attachments for the wheels, 1 galaxy diamond wheel 220 grit, 4 nova wheels 280 / 600 / 1200 / 3000 grit, 1 water pump.
CHF 1'090.-

Turning lathe UNIMAT 1-classic with acessories 220Volt
CHF 395.-

Digital handheld hanging scale
30 Kg x 0.01 KG
CHF 46.-

Rolloblast 40-80 my / sand for sandblasting
CHF 16.- for two kilos.

Engraving adapter HPH8-214 (for Hammer Handpiece HPMH-011 Foredom. Not included)
CHF 23.-
Gemmological tools 220V

Stone sieve 2 - 8mm steps of 0.2mm total 30 sieve plates Ĝ 9cm
CHF 120.-

1 Hydrostatic balance with attachments and weights 1gr - 200gr
CHF 200.-

Topcon refractometer with refractometer stand, illumination, sodium filter and gemological tables by Ulrich Henn
CHF 900.-

Spectroscope big
with fixed slit
CHF 85.-

Video Camera Krüss (VOPC10) for all microscopes, for PC (but not for WindowsXP)
CHF 20.-

Video Camera Krüss (VOPC30) for all microscopes, for PC
CHF 20.-

Video Camera Krüss (VOPCTV) for all microscopes, for PC & TV
CHF 20.-
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Hubert Heldner March 2023

Free stuff / grathuit / Gratis abzugeben

Mold rubber
- EZ strips soft blue backing 18" x 2-7/8" x 1/8 (457 x 73 x 3mm) 1 pack
- EZ strips fine yellow backing 18" x 2-7/8" x 1/8 (457 x 73 x 3mm) 1 pack

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Hubert Heldner March 2023

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