Dustdevil sunstone mine in Oregon
second exploration by Katerina Kestemont & Hubert Heldner in July 2005




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The artists dig 2006 will be held on 8 th July 2006. Gemstone carvers and lapidary artists are welcome. Please apply and submit one or two pictures of your work.

This time we approached from the north and drove down from Seattle.

We enjoyed our stay and everybody spoiled us. We look forward to see all the artists and friends again. For more information about the mine go to:

B 01   Driving over the Rocky Mountains, trough beautiful forests

B 02   along crystal clear sky blue lakes,

B 03   we arrive at the high desert after a day and a halve.

B 04   Sunset

B 05   The camp looks the same

B 06   also the mining equipment, but the mine pit has changed its face completely.

B 07   Signing the release form and saying hello to everybody.

B 08   Lunch is ready,

B 09   We can't wait to start digging.

B 10   The sun is very hot.

B 11   Hubert breaking open stones

B 12   to busy for photo shooting.

B 13   Jack hammer's are new to the mine, and make the work a lot easier.

B 14   Doug (sitting) is working a spot next to Dalan. His cry "holy crap" makes everybody turn and gather.

B 15   He found an exceptional big and beautiful sunstone.

B 16   Dalan will carve it and win best of show at the Tucson AGTA competition in 2006.

B 17  

B 18   Shaking sieves and

B 19   shoveling stay the same.

B 20   Katerina smiles, she is in heaven.

B 21  

B 22   Every body is hot and needs to drink a lot.

B 23  

B 24   Terry a master jeweler and stone cutter has a fine hand also on large machines.

B 25   During a break Robert looks at some cut stones.

B 26   Mary makes a carving during the hot hours at noon.

B 27  

B 28   Dalan Jay Hargrave calls Katerina and Lisa and shows them how he makes his award winning carvings.

B 29   A crowd is gathering immediately.

B 30   With his magnifying optivisor and a steady hand

B 31   he starts carving fully concentrated.

B 32   On a shaky table with 6 people glued on either side of his elbows, Dalan shares his technique.

B 33   Slowly two beautiful humming birds appear surrounded by flowers.

B 34   Katerina is sorting her sunstones, all happy about her finds.

B 35   Frog carved out of andite (serpentine and hematite) by master stone carver Robert Sahli.

B 36   Eagle carved in jade on fossilized wood by master stone carver Robert Sahli.

B 37   Candy shows one of her nice rough sunstones.

B 38   Looking back to the camp.

B 39   A week is over and again it is time to leave.

B 40   Driving around the rabbit hills and on the way we are.

B 41  

Hubert Heldner April 2006

Dustdevil cut sunstone collection
enjoy this artwork cut by different artists.

B 01  

B 02  

B 03  

B 04  

B 01  

B 02  

B 03  

B 04