Soapstone & alabaster sculptures
by Katerina Kestemont



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The machine must be put in it's place as a servant, freeing men
and women to exercise their birthright of imaginative creative work.
inspired by Arthur Rackham (1867-1939)

A 01
the serpentine is a lovely lake and there is a drowned forest at the bottom. CHF 600.-

A 02
a tender flickering light of imagination ...blooms. CHF 480.-

A 03
"snow queen's kiss" CHF 390.-

A 04
"Jelly fish" CHF 420.-

A 05
o love's but a dance where time plays the fiddle. CHF 490.-

A 06
it's no good sitting lazily. CHF 190.-

A 07
jewels from the deep. CHF 80.-

A 08
"Angel wing"
bowl. CHF 650.-

A 09
are you shure that we are awake. CHF 180.-

A 10
Is that you my prince ?
I have waited for you very long. CHF 90.-

A 11
all was a shake and a shiver. CHF 70.-

A 12
"Lily" CHF 45.-

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