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Home office jewelers tool box 26 x 26 x 34cm
CHF 95.-

Home office jewelers tool box 26 x 26 x 34cm equipped
CHF 412.-
Jewelry projects for this tool set

Alloy stamp 925
CHF 22.-

Alloy stamp 750
CHF 22.-

Oil stone
CHF 30.-

Finger size measuring set
CHF 21.-

Aluminium ring measuring stick
CHF 29.-

Square ring mandrel with rounded edges
CHF 35.-


tabletop model
CHF 620.-

C80 Durston Rolling mill, combination model for wire (20mm) and sheet (60mm width)
CHF 695.-

F70 Durston Rolling mill, for sheet (70mm width)
CHF 750.-

Durston set of doming punches with dicematrice.
CHF 349.-

24 Doming punches with dicematrice
CHF 137.-

36 Doming punches with flat matrice
CHF 166.-

Hornanvil 13 x 4.3 x 7cm
CHF 20.-

Bench vice 3cm wide with clamp
CHF 20.-

Titanium soldering picks set of 3
CHF 24.-

Watchmakers loupe in rosewood 10x
CHF 19.-


a must for the jewelry photograph. CHF 140.-

sculpting tool for wax models
CHF 149.-

Burr box with 100 holes
CHF 25.-

Burr box with 36 holes
CHF 15.-

2 doming punches with dicematrice in wood
CHF 17.-

Repousse bowl 12cm / depth 7cm with chasing hammer and pitch
CHF 154.-

Repousse bowl 20cm / depth 6cm with chasing hammer
CHF 98.-

Repousse bowl 16cm / depth 3cm with chasing hammer
CHF 88.-

24 ciselets for repousse work
CHF 360.-

Engraving ball 8cm
CHF 295.-

Third hand holder and soldering tweezers
CHF 23.-

Third hand holder and soldering tweezers
CHF 24.-

Third hand holder, magnetic and soldering tweezers
CHF 58.-

Micromotor K.1070 115-230V with electronic footcontrol and handpiece
CHF 644.-

Micromotor 1090 115-230V with electronic foot control, rotary and setters handpiece.
CHF 1460.-

Micromotor 1080 115-230V with electronic foot control and setters handpiece.
CHF 1085.-

Setters hammer
HPMH-011 for the micro motor K.1070
CHF 763.-

K.2230-22CE Jewelers Kit Flexshaft Motor 220/240V
1/6 horse power with electronic foot control including hand piece No 30
CHF 602.-

K.2220-22CE Jewelers Kit Flexshaft Motor 220/240V
1/6 horse power with electronic foot control including hand piece No 20
CHF 636.-

Hammer Handpiece No 15 for K.2230 Flexshaft Motor
CHF 232.-

Handpiece No 30
for K.2230 Flexshaft Motor
CHF 113.-

Motor hanger for two Flexshaft motors MAMH-1 with vice
CHF 105.-

Motor hanger for 1 Flexshaft motor
CHF 40.-

D-DP30 Drill Press for Handpiece No 30
CHF 272.-

Foredom Mini vice metal A-F37200
CHF 51.-

Bench lathe K.3340-22CE 230V
CHF 453.-

Dust collector Hood MADCH-1
CHF 82.-

Dust collector MAFH25 with aspiration and illumination 220 Volt
CHF 479.-

Foredom Mini vice in PVC A-F37200
CHF 31.-

casting centrifuge
CHF 1824.-


Ultra sonik benchtop cleaners
With timer, heat and cover
CHF 665.-

Vulcan Furnaces

for heat treating, sample ashing, enamel & wax burnout

Centrifugal magnetic finisher


Centrifugal magnetic finisher CMF 400 in 220 Volt
CHF 597.-
All mentioned tools are available for testing during our classes.
Learn the proper use of these tools, and take a class in Wax modelling, Casting techniques, Jewelry workshop, Stone setting or an Enamel workshop.

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