Metallic meteorites


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Artist and jewellery designer Hubert Heldner selected exceptional metallic meteorites with a variety of shapes and surface characteristic to be used for "Space Jewellery". Individual designs are delivered with each meteorite so the owner can use it. Gold is to be used for a symbol of the incandescent glow of the meteorite as it entered the earth atmosphere.
In design, the natural form of each meteorite has been respected. The day is approaching when you might be able to identify the asteroid that is the parent body from your meteorite. Scientists have already discovered meteorites that originated on the moon, mars and some asteroids. Every new identification increases greatly the value of the meteorite.

ME 01
Metallic meteorite 7.9 gramms from Sikotalin CHF 200.-

ME 02
Metallic meteorite 9.0 gramms from Sikotalin CHF 200.-

ME 03
Metallic meteorite 8.2 gramms from Sikotalin CHF 200.-

ME 04
Metallic meteorite 14.3 gramms from Nantan China CHF 200.-

ME 01
Pendent-broche CHF 2250.- with application in pure iridium. Peridot marquise shaped CHF 350.-

ME 02
Pendent-broche CHF 1930.- with yellow diamond 0.37 ct quality VS / CHF 1190.- marquise shaped

ME 03
Pendent CHF 1600.- / 1 yellow diamond ø 2 mm 0.03 ct CHF 100.-

ME 04
Broche CHF 1690.- / 1 yellow diamond ø 2 mm 0.03 ct CHF 100.-

Offer for jewels set with meteorites. The prices include the gold 0.750 the work and setting of the meteorite. Additional stones and the cost of their setting are noted apart. The price of the meteorite is not included.

Offre pour bijoux sertis avec météorites. Les prix représentent l'or 0.750 le travail et le sertissage du météorite. Les pierres précieuses et leur sertissage sont notés à part. Les prix des météorites ne sont pas inclus.

Offerte für Schmuck mit Meteoriten. Die Preise beinhalten das Gold 0.750 die Arbeit und das Fassen des Meteoriten. Zusätzliche Steine und deren Fassarbeit sind separat notiert. Die Meteorite sind nicht inbegriffen.