Necklace with centerstone advanced poject
step by step

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Training of soldering skills, precise assembling.
Time 30 to 40 hours depending your skills, work speed and organization.
Weight in gold 49 grams.
Gold plate 2.0 mm
Setting for centerstone 0.7 mm
20 diamonds 0.49 ct

This design is not in the public domain.
Take this as an inspiration, do not copy 1:1
Photos, necklace and design of the
educational project by Hubert Heldner.

01  The original design. 02  Trace the parts and try to fit them on your 2 mm plate. You are looking at 80 gramms of gold.
03Cut out all pieces. Drill the holes for the diamonds. 04File the lines, round the surfaces, sand and dome the pieces. This step will take a couple of hours.
05Solder the connecting rings. Allow enough space for the parts to move. 06
07Centerpiece form the back. 08Front.
09Lay out all pieces and verify the length of the necklace. 10Adapt the last piece to reach the right size.
11Test how the necklace sits on the necklace mandrel 12Verify the symmetry
13from all sides. 14Prepare a 0.7 mm plate for the centerstone setting.
15Always handle gemstones with care. Abrasive corundum dust settles on your workbench. 16Prepare the angular prongs by filing a V shaped groove.
17Bend 18and solder.
19Trace some fine lines to verify the symmetry. 20Cut out to fit the stone nicely.
21Note the inside preparation of the bezel. 22Fit the angular prongs, test with the stone before soldering.
23Fit the centerstone setting into the necklace. 24The two center diamonds are preset before you assemble. It is difficult to set them afterwards.
25Polish the necklace. 26This is how it will look. The diamonds are still missing.
27The back. 28Does the design look like the necklace. The final question.
29My workbench. 30Scapolite 11.39 ct from Madagascar cut by Katerina Kestemont (Cleopatra's eye)