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Welcome to the Gemstone Safari
combined with a Ruby-Zoisite jewelry class
in collaboration with massai ladies.

Standard program Umba River.
The Journey starts in Dar-es-Salaam. This is an educational fieldtrip and introduction to the geology of Tanzania. We visit Umba Valley gemstone mines in Tanzania. Where you dig for Sapphires and Garnets during a few days and learn about the particularities of the local geology. A group of miners will assist us, on one of the mining concessions. All the stones you find are yours to keep.

Followed by a roundtrip to Arusha, and Mundarara.

Jewels are made durig 3 days
without welding equipment. With simple tools, but with sophisticated techniques. A jewelry course in teamwork with Maasai ladies in the ruby-zoisite mine of Mundarara Tanzania. Tools and materials are provided on site. The gems are offered by the mine owner. Your creativity is in demand and welcome. This unique collabo-ration explores the unknown. Jewellers, designers, gold-silver smiths, gem cutters, artists, explorers. . . . etc. are cordially welcome. The jewelry you create is yours to keep.

You will be accompanied by Hubert Heldner jeweller and / or Céline Barman jeweller.

Explore the area with a picnic lunch at Lake Natron. Return to Arusha and visit of a gem dealer, the Maasai market, the Tanzanite Experience and the Cultural Heritage Center. Fol-lowed by the transfer to Dar-es-Salaam or departure from Arusha.

Total 17 days
US$ 3'100.- Price per person in a double room.
US$ 3'400.- Price per person in a single room.

The flight to Tanzania is not included.

January 10th - 27th 2024
July 03th - 20th 2024

Massai ladies with Céline

Please make your reservation here

For further information please contact:
Miss Noreen Masaki                         or
Lapidary Training Centre
P. O. Box 19668
Dar es Salaam
+255 787 721 761


Mr. Hubert Heldner
Free Form Artists
Avenue des Alpes 70
CH-1820 Montreux
+41 21 963 89 77

We provide:

  • Privileged access to the mines.
  • The stones you find are yours to keep. We negotiate and cover the necessary mining fees.
  • Guides with a solid mineralogical and gemological background.
  • Transportation within Tanzania including airport transfer, Hotel and breakfast during the entire Safari.
  • A team of cooks will take care of our lunch at the mines,
  • and we have 5 self-contained double rooms at our disposal.
  • We organize the necessary paperwork for export of all cut and rough gems.
  • A restriction is in place for 8 rough minerals in facet quality larger than 2 grams. They are : Tanzanite, Diamond, Spinel, Tsavorite, Chrysoberyl-Alexandrite, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.
  • A professional gem cutting service. Samples to appreciate our cut quality are here.
  • And last but not least, expect to travel on rough roads and some nights with only basic facilities.

You organize yourself:

  • Sunscreen and sunhat (average temperatures 24-29°C / 75-84 F).
  • One long sleeve shirt and mosquito repellent.
  • Malaria prophylaxis is strongly recommended, see vaccination. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - CDC
  • Not included in the package price are 4 lunches and the dinners.
  • You make your flight arrangements to Arusha.
  • Export taxes for cut gemstones 3%, for minerals and rough stones 7%,
  • plus a commission for preparation of the necessary papers, are not included. You pay the additional cost during the trip yourself.

Under the shade

of a tree, we

had a lot of fun

creating jewelry.



some pendents

Miners inspecting
the jewels.

Pendant with silver wire




Hard and dangerous

work underground.

The miners

on the job.

This is what

they look for,


Mount Longido.

Yoin us for a joyful exploration of creative possibilities. Aquire new technical skills. Share your know-how, with one of the indigenous peoples of Tanzania. You will wear not only a lasting value, but also extraordinary memories.

The experienced team is welcoming you to a unique and exciting "educational adventure".

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