Explore Mahenge
an educational gemstone tour
in collaboration with Kim Rix (Gemstone Detective) and Hubert Heldner.

Dates July 27th - August 10th 2024
Dates July 26th - August 09th 2025

For further information please contact:

Kim Rix                                     or
+44 793 920 6713


Hubert Heldner
Free Form Artists
Avenue des Alpes 70
CH-1820 Montreux
+41 21 963 89 77

Yoin us for a joyful exploration of creative possibilities. Aquire new technical skills. Share your know-how, with one of the indigenous peoples of Tanzania. You will wear not only a lasting value, but also extraordinary memories.

The experienced team is welcoming you to a unique and exciting "educational adventure".

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