Simon Zaletel
Ireland 2006



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Hello Hubert and Katerina,

I has been 1 year today since I was last in Montreaux and picking up my machine. Thought I would share with you what has happened in my year. I have cut some 60+ stones since I brought my machine home. I have only abandoned 1 stone and I have cut stones in many different designs ranging in size from 0.4ct to 47.5ct. I have enjoyed the hunt for designs to fit the rough as well as the challenge to get some of those facets to polish perfectly. I believe all my stones are cut well and have gotten faster with the whole process.

I have also just completed the gemmology course offered here in Galway, Ireland. The two year course was the first of its kind here in Ireland and the two years covered geology, crystallography and the various gemological tools.

I have been on your web site some time ago and see that you have helped to create the beginnings of a faceting industry in Tanzania, good. I also see that Katerina was photographed and mentioned in Jeff Graham's annual Tucson Gem show review, great.

I again thank you for your patience, hospitality and inspiration when I visited you. Being here at home I do not receive your patience or hospitality anymore but your inspiration remains with me.

Cheers, to the year,
Simon Zaletel