Agnès N'Lep

At the beginning he shaped each element and assoiated unique properties to each of them.


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Les fruits suspendu de la torrefaction
A jewel, by its essence represents the magic of seduction between body and object. Both depend upon each other to establish a harmony, separated of the essence of the outer world. Each creation is a unique piece, like every human beeing who stays uncomparable to one an other. These jewels travel trough time and cultures. Inconcious provocations influenced by the grain of sand who represents the whole universe. Like a child, orphin of its land, she has learned to find herself trough her art and to develop the fragments of her african origin.
L'insect Influenced by the Massaï, people of the earth, with a warriors soul, dominating Kenya. This jewel in shape of an insect, slides along the neck, the spiral shaped wires inspire the image of the magnificient giraffe wimen. It is a combination of richness, shape and stylisch attributes, values which represent pleasure, harmony and beauty of the body.

Agnès N'Lep

Créations de bijoux N'lep Agnès

Furr, sterling silver and wood
SFr. 490.- Sterling silver
SFr. 490.- Sterling silver
SFr. 490.-
Aquamarin, gold and sterling silver
SFr. 650.- Sterling silver and wood
SFr. 490.- Sterling silver
not for sale
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