Lapidary class

The class room laguage and the class documentation is english. Kurssprache ist Englisch. Die Kursdunterlagen sind auf Wunsch auch in Deutsch erhältlich. L'enseignement est en anglais. Les documents du cours sont disponibles sur demande en français.

During this 3 week class you will receive instructions on how to facet and free-form cut gemstones. You will cut yourself a series of faceted and free-form stones. The faceted gemstones will be in the brilliant cut. You will create a lasting value and some of the gemstones will be yours to keep at the end of the class.

A well trained and certified instructor will guide you to success. The safe operation of all machines will be addressed properly and a complete documentation will be handed out during class. We will provide a recognized certificate to each successful student.

A selection of gemstones are included in the class fee, but do not hesitate to bring your own rough stones.

After the 3 week class, it is possible to make reservation of the lapidary class room, to practice your freshly aquired skills. We will assist you if you have any questions. A completely equipped lapidary workshop is at your disposal.

Class fee for 3 weeks of training including lunch is US$ 500.-

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An alternate indepth lapidary class, conducted by a specialist non affiliated with SEAMIC, is also available. Contact us for additional information, or make your reservation here.

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We look forward welcoming you as a new student and watching your career, and life, develop to full potential.

Citrine Zambia 7.30 ct

Cat's eye opal from Kigoma

Quartz with Tourmaline needle inclusion 2.55 ct

Honey opal heart, free-form carving

For additional training rent our lapidary workshop.
After you have completed your training you may rent our workshop for additional training and perfecting your skills. The charges are as follows:
US$   25.- one day
US$ 100.- one week
US$ 350.- one month

Certification as an instructor
Certification as an instructor requires that you are able to present all topics on gemstone cutting and have at least 2 months of fulltime cutting experience. In addition you must prepare a detailed paper on a related topic of your choice. You will be trained intensely how to teach, during 2 days before the class starts. Certification will be awarded when you have accomplished successfully your first class as instructor. A team of certified lapidary instructors will monitor this class.

Machines for a professional lapidary workshop. These tools can be ordered here. Maschinen für eine professionelle Schleifwerkstatt. Diese Werkzeuge können hier bestellt werden. Machines pour un atelier lapidaire. Commandez ces outils ici

Ultra-Tec faceting machine Cabbing machine Micro motor Flexshaft motor
Bench lathe Gemstone carving equipment Diamond coated trim saw Gramm and carat scale 50 X 0.01gr / 250 X 0.05ct

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